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Giving back to the community is a concept that many domestic SMEs have been adhering to. On May 15th, 2018, under the leadership of the Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Wei fang City and the leaders of Xiashan District Science and Technology Bureau, the executive director of the Federation – Ms. Zhou Pengbo, Chairman of Wei-fang Well form Packaging Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Wei fang Yidaneng Power Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Guanghui, jointly organized the “First Charity Activity of Wei fang Import and Export Enterprise Association”. They visited 22 destitute families. The person in charge of the company spontaneously used spare time to visit the poor households in Xiaotaibao Village, Xiashan District, Wei fang City, and sent them necessities such as rice, oil and noodles so that they was moved by the enterprises.


elf-care ability. After learning about the actual situation of the elderly, Zhou Fengbo, the executive director of the Federation, actively communicated with the leaders of the Xiashan Science and Technology Bureau to strive for retirement for the elderly. Policy and sent gifts and greetings to the elderly.


It is not only Li Shunping, Su Yuzong who is impoverished by impoverishment, Chen Faqi who is poor due to illness, and the old party members who are nearly 90 years old. The Federation insists that each and every household visits and sends gifts to the poor families. With blessings.



Federation was founded, cannot leave the party and the government’s strong support, cannot leave the strong support of the society from all walks of life, through the charitable activities, we hope to have more opportunities to actively return society, create a better life. We call on more enterprises to join our team and form an alliance of enterprises, and we will contribute our efforts to do what we can for more poor people. May they live a healthy and long life.


Post time: Jun-13-2018

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