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2018 The PACK EXPO

Oct 14-17, 2018  The PACK EXPO is grandly held at the McCormick convention center in Chicago, USA. The exhibition attracted nearly 2,521 exhibitors from all over the world .The company’s products have won the customer’s attention and praise, and achieved a complete success!

The company’s participation in this exhibition to broaden the vision, open up ideas, advanced learning, exchanges and cooperation – based, to make full use of this exhibition opportunityWe communicate and negotiate with the customers and dealers we visit, which further enhances the brand awareness and influence of the company. At the same time, we can further understand the international market and situation, so as to better improve our products and give play to our advantages.

Through this exhibitionOur company not only showcased new products and innovative technologies, but also demonstrated its strong strength to the industry, playing a good role in further enhancing the influence of WELLFORM” brand in the field of packaging. We will continue to work hard to get more people to know and understand our brand WPG, WELLFORM PACKAGING GROUP CO., LTD

Post time: Nov-06-2018

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