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Production of rice bags model should pay attention to what?

What kind of information should be included in the rice bags to fit the national standard? Rice bags planning points where it is now the country on the food industry is very demanding, we will naturally pay more attention.
We have more common information on the packaging of rice vacuum bags include: product description, product name, trademark, commodity code, production date, storage method, shelf life, origin, site, telephone, nutrient composition table, security symbol, bar code And other commodity information. These more common information on rice vacuum bags are communicated to consumers about this product information, which not only allows consumers to have a sense of trust in goods, beautiful appearance is still a bright spot for sale.
With the continuous progress of society and carried out, the quality and safety of food has become the focus of attention, so the rice vacuum bag planning points for the following points: the first rice vacuum bag is not to increase the nutrition label, which is provided to consumers The most effective nutrition information, it will bring a certain degree of trust that is the second QS quality and safety promised, QS quality and safety that is the supervision of the relevant departments, but also allow customers to have a better sense of trust third storage method to write , To prevent the customer to form unnecessary losses. This allows customers to feel that we are still very user-friendly. The fourth is the picture of rice vacuum bags also fine, there are things to highlight the goods, to the customer some need bright spots.
Now the family members are less, everyone’s concept is constantly changing, rice delivery, the sale process to carry out the “big change small, heavy light”, in the preservation of the basis of the determination, with more potential to dig The

Post time: Jun-13-2018

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