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How should nuts be preserved

How do nuts keep it?
Especially in the south of the climate is wet, the bag opened, the closure is very simple and very simple back to the tide, nuts and moisturizing simply stick together, this time to put the nuts into the sun exposure day, must be in the climate is very good, high temperature The situation will be exposed to the sun, the more the more soft and nutritious, especially the large size, high sugar content of the nuts, to the night of the day to pick up the nuts back, will feel the nuts are still soft, and then put into the house spread out Will be more than ten minutes will find the nuts gradually hardened dry, so that can be installed into the bag inside the sealed, but also can be placed inside the refrigerator, nuts afraid of fear of the tide is not afraid of cold, the more cold nuts dry, Nuts are softer. (It is necessary to know, nuts back to the tide after the sun when the color will change, will become dark red, that is normal!)
Nuts put a long time moist still can eat it?
Come out in the sun under the exposure to be able to eat. Remember nuts as long as no insects, the surface without black mottled and no mildew inside can continue to eat.
It is recommended that you buy back the nuts in the sun after the sunny halo, into the airtight plastic bags, the mouth with a rubber band thick, on the ventilation, boring, no direct sunlight and no smell of local reservations You can, do not put in the refrigerator.
Can eat, nuts own sugar content is relatively high, it is in the high temperature and moisture conditions will occur under the condition of sugar spill, but does not affect the consumption of Oh!

Post time: Jun-13-2018

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