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Method for Detecting Water Vapor Transmittance of Medical Packaging

Method for inspection of water vapor permeability of medical bags
Medical bags with its light weight, high strength, good sealing and pressure and other advantages, is gradually replacing the medical glass bottles, is widely used in oral solid medicine and liquid medicine packaging category. Water vapor is an important factor affecting the quality and safety of drugs, in order to avoid the impact of water vapor on drugs, medical bags should have excellent resistance to moisture to ensure product quality and safety. In this paper, the water vapor permeability test system of medical bags is briefly introduced in combination with Labthink’s PERME BMI W3 / 330 water vapor transmission rate test system.
Water vapor transmission rate is mainly refers to the medical bag on the isolation of water vapor, moisture resistance function directly affects the quality of drugs in the shelf life of goods, but also an important factor in the analysis of shelf life. After the inspection can handle the water vapor sensitive and the occurrence of drugs damp moldy question.
Labthink W3 / 330 water vapor permeability test system, electrolytic sensor test principle, the device uses three test chamber integrated block of patented technology, computer control, fully active test, clamping samples, click on the experiment that Can take the initiative to experiment, take the initiative to end the humidity, temperature, flow rate and other objectives of the control, the experimental completion of the initiative to identify and issue statements. The instrument can also connect nine satellite machines, a test of 30 samples at the end, both in the operation of the degree of automation, test power, inspection resolution and inspection limits have reached the international advanced level, and many goals Also maintained a leading.
The experimental process is as follows: the pre-treated blister sample is placed in the test chamber, and the nitrogen of the necessary humidity is active on the outside of the blister pack. The high purity nitrogen is active inside the blister pack because of the presence of a moisture gradient, The vapor molecules pass through the film from the outside of the blister to the inside of the high purity nitrogen, carried by the active nitrogen to the sensor, through the sensor to measure the water vapor concentration analysis, and then calculate the water vapor permeability and other parameters to The resistance of the test sample was evaluated.
Of course, in ensuring the medical packaging bags of water vapor through the target after passing, but also need some other targets such as moisture resistance, sealing, etc. to control, to ensure the quality of goods during the shelf life.

Post time: Jun-13-2018

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